Born in the Ukraine

  I came to US  in 2001  and was determined to pursue my dream of being an artist. I work in the intersection of art and science which revolves around the complexity of nature and global environmental consciousness. Living organisms are the major part of my ideas. I explore the possibilities of collaboration with living matter through bio-processing. By combining the usage of modern technologies (CNC machines) I create interactive installations, visual displays and sculptures to engage the viewer into becoming more aware of the world around us and push to rethink their place as a ‘sapiens’ part of Earth’s Superorganism. As a part of my art practice I use microscopes with the primary idea of merging scales; colliding the visible and invisible worlds at the point of human perception which brings me closer to the understanding of the interconnections between them. Recently I have been to exploring the idea of various systems of intelligence and possibility of communicative collaboration between human and nonhuman in the form of living sculpture.


                                                                  © Darya Warner 2018